Baxley Division

Baxley, GA United States


Baxley, GA

Located in Baxley, GA, the 58-acre site was acquired in March 2013 from Rayonier. The Baxley Division produces dimension lumber, shipped by truck and rail to both domestic and international markets. 

The mill is undergoing significant capital upgrades to the planer in 2021, including an autograder to replace manual graders.

Life in Baxley

Baxley sits in the heart of slash pine country at the intersection of two major thoroughfares in Appling County, Georgia.  This cohesive community nestled amongst forests, rivers, and lakes, is a hub for outdoor activities and recreation in Southeast Georgia.

Contact Information

Baxley Division | Operations

Tel: (912) 367-3671
Fax: (912) 367-1500

1830 Golden Isles Highway East, Baxley, GA, USA