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EACOM produces high-quality joist products for both residential and commercial floor and roof projects.

Our P3 Joists™ conform to the APA’s performance standards. We rigorously verify and test our products

to ensure that they perform predictably and safely. Simple to specify. Easy to install. Less confusion.

The P3 Joist™ is an “I”-shaped engineered wood structural member designed for use in residential and

commercial floor and roof construction.

P3 Joists™ are prefabricated using SPF MSR lumber flanges and OSB web, which are bonded together

with exterior-type adhesives. P3 Joists™ are limited to a L/480 maximum live load deflection for

residential and non-residential floor applications.

P3 Joists™ are identified by their depth followed by their series name PJI, and by a designation such as

40 which relates to the joist strength and stiffness. Our P3 Joists™ are manufactured to strict tolerances

with the following characteristics.

All our P3 Joists™ are manufactured in conformance with ASTM D5055.


Flanges are MSR 2×3’s and 2×4’s.

Webs are OSB, and all are classified as Exposure 1 or Exterior and are 3/8” in thickness or greater.

All P3 Joist are assembled using exterior

type adhesives that meet ASTM D 2559 and ASTM D 7247.

P3 Joist™ are available in eight depths: 9-1/2”, 11-7/8”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”.

P3 Joist™ of the same depth are manufactured with various flange widths; flange width is an important

design consideration when specifying hangers.

P3 Joist™ are manufactured up to 64’ in length. These lengths are cut to commonly used lengths such as

16’ to 36’ in 2’ increments for jobsite delivery. Check local supplier for availability.

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